This laboratory is well equipped with high magnification microscopes and apparatus required for extraction purposes.


Pharmaceutics encompasses an understanding of the basic physical chemistry necessary for the efficient design of dosage forms.


The pharmacological activities of newly synthesized drugs are tested here.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The pharmaceutical chemistry laboratories are meant to inculcate the chemical aspects of drug molecules.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

The subject deals with quality control procedure & quality assurance system for the anaysis pf bulk drugs & formulations.

“ This institue has given me and taught me so much that even counting of these things make my heart humble and warm. The gratitude i feel now towards the teachers, staff and lab technicians are immeasurable. Those long Lectures , practicals ,journals etc had carved us in our profession. For indeed ,little drops of water make a mighty ocean.Those small efforts and push from our professors and staff had immensely increase our strength and growth. Undoubtedly i had studied in one of the best college and amongst the best people and environment.. ”