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Final Year B. Pharm. April 2010

Third Year B. Pharm. May 2010

Sem. IV B. Pharm. June 2010

Sem. II B. Pharm. June 2010

Sem. V B. Pharm. December 2010

Sem. III B. Pharm. December 2010


The Institute is situated in the heart of Khambhat city about 3 kms from bus-stand. A 75-acre sprawling campus in picturesque surroundings provides a refreshing environment, stimulating intellectual alertness and creativity. The campus provides an ambience that motivates students to grow.

Class Rooms

The classrooms are spacious, ventilated and equipped with multimedia and audiovisual equipments to facilitate effective learning. The classrooms are designed to provide maximum interaction between the faculty and students.

Financial Assistance and Scholarship

The Institute provides interest free financial assistance to the needy UG students to pay their fees and stipend to limited deserving PG candidates.

Computer Centre

Computing facilities for students include a laboratory equipped with adequate computers for UG and PG students to the Windows NT server and Local Area Network. The network also connects the faculty and staff for information sharing and communication. The students have an access to the internet. The faculties are also provided computer and internet facilities.

The Library

"Knowledge is free at the library, just bring your own container" At LBRIPER, it is a belief to facilitate production & dissemination of knowledge, information, insights & intellect in all scientific communities. The Institute has facilities for e-Journals, International Journals & National Journals. The Library is the key academic facility provided for the students, research scholars and faculty of the Institute. The Library includes a wide range of text books, reference books etc. of different branches of Pharmaceutical Sciences and allied subjects so that the students & faculty can keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the profession of Pharmacy. The collection includes resources relevant to teaching, learning, training, research & consultancy needs of the Institute.

Sophisticated Instrument Laboratory

LBRIPER houses state-of-art analytical instruments like UV-Visible Spectrophotometer & HPLC of Shimadzu make for conducting practicals and research work. The Sophisticated Instrument Lab provides analytical support and intellectual input to both in-house and externally funded R & D projects of the Institute.

Animal House

The Institute has conventional animal house facilities registered by CPCSEA (IAEC), Government of India. It is envisaged to provide pre clinical testing in conformity with national and international regulatory guidelines. The animal house will facilitate the availability of healthy and homogeneous animals for routine teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate studies as well as for research / outsourced testing.

Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory with 5 micron Air Handling Unit

This Centralized Lab is equipped with 5 micron Air Handling Units and house equipments like Rotary tablet machine, Ampoule, Capsule and Ointment filling machine etc. The laboratory provides the facilities to manufacture various dosage forms as they would have been manufactured on an Industrial scale. This exposes the students to an atmosphere they would face when working in future.

Medicinal Plants Garden

A medicinal plants garden has been developed at LBRIPER. Many Genus of various medicinal plants have already been planted. The plants grown in this garden are useful in the practical classes of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry. The developed medicinal plants garden provides a strong impetus for herbal drug research and for the training of our postgraduate students in the subject of Phyto-pharmaceuticals & Natural Products.


The excellent hostel facility is available to girls and boys for both UG as well as PG students.


A canteen building provides hygienic and wholesome food, snacks and beverages.

Play Grounds
Playgrounds for Cricket, Volleyball, Football, and other games are available in the campus. Indoor games facilities have also been created.

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